Logan Macleod

Logan Macleod is a thief and quick-talker, proud and often brash.


Level: 1
Current Experience: None

~Photonic (Primary)
~Regenerator (Secondary)

~ Hard Light Manipulation ( + 1 to AC and Reflex )
~ Laser Resistance 10
~ Regeneration ( regain 1 + ( 1/2 ) lvl HP )
~ +2 Dark Overcharge
~ +2 Bio Overcharge

~ Strength 14 ( +2 )
~ Constitution 16 ( +3 )
~ Dexterity 18 ( +4 )
~ Intelligence 18 ( +4 )
~ Wisdom 16 ( +3 )
~ Charisma 13 ( +2 )

Skill Bonuses:
~ +4 Science
~ +4 Perception
~ +4 Stealth

Hit Points (HP): 28
Bloodied: 14
Speed 6
Initiative +6

~ Armor Class: 19
~ Fortitude: 15
~ Reflex: 17
~ Will: 15

Ranged Attack:
~ Weapon Name: Blunderbuss
~ Type: Heavy One-Handed Ranged
~ Range: 5, area burst 1 within 5
~ To Hit: 1d20+4+2+1
~ Damage: 1d8, knocks target prone

Melee Attack
~ Weapon Name: Light Blades
~ Type: Heavy Two-Handed Melee
~ Range: 1
~ To Hit: 1d20+4+2+1
~ Damage: 2d8+4+1


Novice Primary: Glowing Blades
~ At Will
~ Standard Action
~ To Hit: 1d20+5+1 vs. Reflex
~ Range: 10
~ Damage: 1d10+5+2 Force damage, push target 2 squares. Ally within 3 squares gains +2 to all defenses until end of your next turn.

Novice Secondary: Revitalizing Strike
~ At Will
~ Standard Action
~ To Hit: Uses Melee or Ranged Weapon+Con vs. AC
~ Damage: 1(w)+4+2 physical, you regain 2 HP if bloodied.

~ Explorer’s Kit
~ Digital Camera
~ Compass
~ Generator w/ 8 hours of fuel
~ Winter Outfit
~ Blunderbuss

Ancient Junk:
~ Two Twinkies
~ Electric Blanket
~ Webcam
~ Cellophane Tape


Physical Description: Logan stands at around five feet, seven inches tall, and his skinny yet well-built frame puts him at around a hundred sixty pounds. He is easily recognizable by his sapphire blue skin which glows dimly when he is experiencing very strong emotions. Scars of all kinds line his body in every direction. His hair is white and styled in dreadlocks which are held back in a ponytail. Two white, feathery antennae about ten inches long each sprout from just underneath his hairline. His left eye is blue while his right eye is yellow. He typically wears a black kevlar vest, black ripped jeans with hard hockey pads on them, black boots, and a white, tattered scarf. He also wears a glass sun pendant on him at all times, as it is of great importance to him.

Brief Backstory: The blue-skinned Logan never knew his parents, and as a result, he grew up on the streets of the community of Jackal Town as a pickpocket. He still vividly remembers stealing his first slice of camel-cat jerky, a very successful pull that would later lead to him stealing a variety of things, like ancient junk or equipment to trade for food to just food itself. As a result, the citizens of Jackal Town became aware of his antics and decided to put a stop to them. Oh, they tried all manner of punishments, from putting him into an orphanage to lashing him across the back with cords from weedwhackers. But when everyone thought he had learned his lesson, Logan would get back on his feet and strike again, stealing whatever he could to survive in a tough jumble of worlds and timelines.

Logan’s mutant power of regeneration has been apparent since his birth, but his photonic powers surfaced when he around twelve years old, and needless to say, he was very anxious to try them out and employ them in his thieving skills. But there was one slight problem with that; the light that his photonic power gave off made him vulnerable in the night. Therefore, in order to avoid further confrontation with the authorities, he decided to abandon Jackal Town for bigger and better lifts…but not before stealing supplies, of course.

Now sixteen at the time, Logan made his way down the eastern road towards the town of Port Paddy, a good week’s journey on foot. As soon as he arrived, he explored the fairly large to see all it had to offer him and all he had to take from it. However, during one such trip down the road, he happened upon a ransacked antique shop…whatever the heck “antique” meant (he thinks it means valuable and worth stealing). After some investigation from the local shop owner, he discovered that a band of thieves who call themselves the Dabber Madder Gang had come into Port Paddy a few weeks ago and began terrorizing the town and stealing all manner of things. But when he heard that they brag about being the best thieves in the area, Logan stormed off to their stronghold just north of the town, angry that they dare take that title.

After arriving at the Dabber Madder Gang’s stronghold, Logan put his thieving skills to the test. Let us say that things did not go well when he sneaked into the heart of stronghold. Surrounded by dabbers, he had no choice but to fight back. As good a thief as he was, close-quarters combat was not his specialty, and Logan was soon overwhelmed by their assault. As Logan was pinned to the wall, the leader of the Dabber Madder Gang stepped forward, a giant of a dabber with two tails and only one eye. The giant dabber, known as Madder Twintail, grinned maliciously at Logan, promising him a slow, painful death as he and his gang robbed Logan of everything he had. Having no intention of dying anytime soon, Logan looked for something, anything that could help him out of this predicament. He noticed a glass sun-shaped pendant hanging on a chain around Twintail’s neck. A crazy idea popped up in Logan’s head, and he mustered up whatever strength he could to wrench one of his arms out of the dabber cronies’ grasps. He then tossed a small orb of light right at Twintail’s medallion and instinctively closed his eyes immediately. His instincts turned out to be correct; as soon as his orb of light hit the medallion, the brightness of the light magnified a hundredfold, damaging the dabbers’ sensitive eyes (Twintail’s especially) and sending them reeling. Logan found this a good opportunity to knock everyone’s lights out and get away with all that he can carry. The sun-shaped pendant was his first pick.

After returning to Port Paddy with the haul in his hands (or more his tractor-truck), Logan went around town to see if he could get his new sun pendant appraised. He noticed the letters “A.M.” etched on one of the metal fames that held the sun pendant in place, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that that particular arrangement of letters seemed somewhat significant to him. Many of the townsfolk (especially the elderly mutants) knew immediately what that pendant was; it once belonged to a legendary thief named Angel Macleod, who had powers very similar to Logan’s. Almost all the townspeople recounted the many tales of this thief, including his adventures around the world, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor and destitute. One elderly mutant in particular pointed out that Logan was actually a distant descendant of Angel Macleod, and he might be capable of great deeds.

Naturally, Logan thought this was all a bunch of hooey, but he decided to keep the pendant anyway. After that incident with the Dabber Madder Gang, Logan decided it was time to hit the road once again. Little did he know that Madder Twintail was after him with a vengeance.

Logan Macleod

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